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Andy has been a spiritual healer since 2005. In the same year he became a "trainee"member National Fedreation of Spiritual Healers. (NFSH) (Now known as the Healing trust) Having completed the required four courses, over a period of two years, he had to learn the code of conduct and go before a panel to gain full healer membership. His name can be found on the Healing Trust's website so he can be contacted if anyone requires any healing session(s) Andy has also volunteered for the Healing trust at many venues where a mind body and spirit event has been held.

How Tranquils Healing can Help You

Tranquils Healing can Help You

To live a healthy and happy life, try complementary therapy in Manchester at Tranquils Healing

An illness, whether it is physical or psychological, takes a toll on your well being. If you are in search of wellness, get in touch with Tranquils Healing, our complementary therapy in Manchester has helped a lot of people find peace and happiness.

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Why I can help

If you are looking for a therapist who combines the best of complementary therapies with conventional medicine, then I am your ideal choice. I am an accredited therapist of the NFSH- The Healing Trust. I have been treating patients for many years with the help of my holistic therapies.

How I can help

I help you in exploring possible complements to medical treatments, such as spiritual healing. I treat the person as a whole in terms of the mind, body and spirit. I do not interfere with the doctor’s orders. However, I strongly believe in the power of natural ways to achieve wellness.

You can get my complementary therapy in Stockport alongside the pharmaceutical treatment that you are already pursuing. This therapy neither interferes with your medical treatment, nor does it produce any side effects. No matter what type of treatment you are getting for your condition, you can add my complementary therapy to the treatment plan too.

My approach is to work with you as a team to optimize your care. Due to my large umbrella of experience, I draw on a range of different approaches and modalities to determine the one that suits you the best.

Our Latest News

Tranquils healing will be at the Stockport Rosemary Douglas mind body spirit event Masonic hall wellington Road SK1 3UA. 10th &11th February 2018

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Mind body spirit event Alderley Edge Cheshire 25th 26th Nov 2017

Tranquils healing will be at the mind body spirit event  festival hall Talbot Road Alderley Edge on 25 26th November. Come along! for a spiritual healing taster session. Read More
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