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About Tranquil Healing

Spiritual healing is an holistic complimentary therapy that complements traditional medicine. Spiritual healing doesn’t treat individual ailments but treats the person as a whole, mind body and spirit. The healer connects to the universal source energy that is all around us and is thought to act as a conduit for this energy. It flows through the healer to the recipient and ┬ácan be felt on many levels including the physical and the emotional. The patient can either sit down in a chair or a healing couch (where available) The healer will get the person to relax before starting a healing and will be asked to take some deep breathes. It is important that both the healer and recipient are both grounded when a healing has finished, as it is a very powerful experience. It is equally important that the patient is give time to come round and a glass of water is readily available. ┬áSessions last 30 minutes.

If you require healing then I can visit you in your own home.

* Tranquil healing does recommend a series of sessions to benefit from healing.

* Tranquil healing does not make any claim to cure any illnesses. In all cases a doctor should be consulted and continue to see their GP.