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I have known Andy for twelve months during which time I have received spiritual healing from him on a weekly basis. When he first came to administer healing I was very ill with gastritis duodenitis and oesophagitis and also the life threatening condition of pulmonary embolism. I was having injections to the abdomen every day and had to spend most of the day in bed.  Andy is an unassuming dedicated healer with a very powerful connection to the divine source and I knew from week one that he wold be able to help me. I was taken off warfarin in November 2016 and my clot has dispersed. My general health has greatly improved and the feel good factor of relaxation and tranquility is so profound after each healing session.

I wholeheartedly recommend Andy to anyone who is suffering from any complaint.

Alma Thomason July 3, 2017

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